First Guest Lecture / Panel in 2022!

Happy 2022! We are kicking off the new year with a guest lecture panel on blockchain, crypto-assets, smart contracts, and regulation! Although in an online format, we are honored to have two very interesting and knowledgeable speakers joining us, namely:

  • Dr. Andrea Leiter Ph.D. - an Assistant Professor at the Amsterdam Center for International Law. She researches global inequality and transnational law-making through private actors with a focus on the digital economy and blockchain technology in particular. Dr. Leiter also consults government agencies, start-ups, and industry stakeholders on law and blockchain technology, with a focus on dispute resolution, the automation of decision-making, and algorithmic governance.

  • Tim van Deurzen - an independent software engineer who has worked with blockchain (distributed ledger) technology at BUX Crypto (originally Blockport) for three years and is now working under the name Eolas Engineering. He has a background in computer science, specifically programming languages and compilers which he studied at the Universities of Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

The panel will be moderated by Prof. Dr. René Smits, professor at the UvA from 2000 to 2020 (luckily, still teaching in the Law & Finance master's program). He is also a consultant at his own company, an alternate member of the Administrative Board of Review of the European Central Bank, and an assessor at the Belgian Competition Authority.

Hope to see you online on Tuesday, January 11th, at 6 pm Amsterdam time!