The Amsterdam Law and Finance Association (ALFA) is a new study association for students of the Master’s programme in Law and Finance (L&F) of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and for other students of the University of Amsterdam who are interested in topics related to Law and Finance. The association is affiliated with the University of Amsterdam.

Our main goals are:

  1. To offer an additional platform where students of the L&F master and other interested students can learn about and discuss topics related to law and finance.

  2. To allow students to get to know the work field and a broad range of law firms, companies and academics.

  3. To advance the social cohesion between members of the association.

Furthermore, A.L.F.A. strives to:

  • To foster self-organization by the students within the association .

  • To engage in new partnerships and to maintain existing partnerships with partners from (legal) practice.

  • To ensure a fruitful cooperation with all parties involved.

To achieve its goals, A.L.F.A. will organize both social and content extra-curricular activities such as guest lectures, workshops, outings and firm visits. Please feel free to send us an email if you are interested in joining the association or if you are interested in a collaboration.

Tom Westerink


LLM Law and Finance student. As the Chairman, Tom plays a key role in the professionalization and functioning of ALFA. His goal is to make ALFA a meaningful addition to the Master Law and Finance. His tasks include: supervising meetings, building relationships with other organisations and taking part in key decision-making.

Contact email: chair@amsterdamlawandfinance.nl 

Isabelle Pörschke

Vice Chairman

Isabelle is the Vice Chairman of ALFA and currently studying towards a LLM in Law and Finance. Having studied and worked in multinational environments, Isabelle is experienced in working in an international team and coordinating different projects towards reaching a common goal. Isabelle is responsible for the branding and promotion of ALFA, as well as aligning the interests of the board and the student body. 

Contact email: vicechair@amsterdamlawandfinance.nl

Tom-Jan Roosenschoon


Tom-Jan is the man in charge of the budget. Before starting the Law & Finance master's programme, Tom-Jan studied tax law (LL.M) in Leiden, so is competent with numbers. Next to being the financial (master)mind of ALFA, Tom-Jan is dedicated to furthering the development of the association, whilst cooperating coherently with his fellow board members. 

Contact email: treasurer@amsterdamlawandfinance.nl

Matea Rumac

External Commissioner

Matea is the External Commissioner of ALFA and a student of the LLM Law and Finance. Having studied in different cities in the Netherlands and abroad, she has many contacts in various law firms. She acts as a mediator between ALFA and the outer world. She is mainly in charge of establishing new partnerships with various firms, organizing guest lectures, firm visits and the ALFA career event.

Contact email: external@amsterdamlawandfinance.nl

Sofia Gagani


Being the Secretary of ALFA, Sofia operates as the backbone of the association. Already a holder of master’s degree in Commercial and Company Law, she is now a student of the LLM Law and Finance. With her methodical approach and a good eye for detail, Sofia is the one to keep ALFA organized. Among others, she is responsible for the newsletter and the coordination of the board meetings, as well as the organization of internal events.

Contact email: secretary@amsterdamlawandfinance.nl

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