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ALFA Trip to Lisbon!

Between the 7th and 10th of April, a group of ALFA members visited Lisbon, Portugal.

Besides enjoying the sun, sangria wine and the typical Portuguese egg tarts, we also visited the Lisbon branch of CMS. We were warmly welcomed by Mr. António Payan Martins, one of the local partners that specializes in Banking & Finance, Capital Markets, and Corporate & M&A. Mr. Martins introduced us to the business model of international law firms, the most important skills for succeeding in the legal field, and the developments that are to be expected in terms of further digitalization and automatization of the profession.

We hereby want to share some of the most valuable tips he gave us: Lawyering is not only about knowing the law from the books, but also very much about maintaining client relationships, strong interpersonal skills, and a lot of adaptivity and resilience.

We can say this much: On the trip we trained some of these important qualities! ;)

In total 25 students joined the trip and enjoyed a Trip organized and subsidized by ALFA including a trip event. Unfortunately, three students could not accompany us because of Corona.

We are happy to have organised an event for our students that they will remember for the rest of their lives!


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